Friday, February 1, 2013

my heart in pictures

for a couple years now, i've had a photo heart above my bed with pictures of matt and me from different moments of our life together.  last week, i decided it was time for an update.  i knew i wanted to instagram all the old photos to match with the more recent phone pics i had taken.  and as i was online searching for places to print my pictures, i found out that all i had to do was send them to my local walgreens!  they just recently launched a great app called printicular where you upload your photos, choose the size and quantity, hit send and it's ready in an hour.  so awesome!  and you don't have to clog everyone's instagram feed, because the app can access your phone's photo album.  39 cents for each 4x4 print.  and now i have a new heart just in time for valentine's day :)

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