Tuesday, June 5, 2012

date night

so saturday night, matt and i drove to the big city (tulsa, oklahoma) to see bon iver in concert.  we had dinner and drinks first where i scarfed down one of the most delicious salads of my life.  then we made our way to the brady theater for the show.  the staves opened the evening, and if you've never heard of them (like me) you should definitely check them out.  it's a sister trio that hales from london with a smooth folky sound and brilliant harmonies.  after a brief intermission (and another drink :), bon iver took to the stage.  i wasn't sure quite what to expect.  like maybe some chill piano playing and some sweet falsetto.  boy howdy, was i wrong.  it was AMAZING.  full of high energy, synthesized goodness.  the theater is pretty small, only about 2800 seats and has great acoustics.  you could feel the bass and the drums pounding in your chest.  gaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.  it was incredible.  seriously, i very highly recommend going to see them if you haven't and you get the chance.    seriously.

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Kim said...

Mmm love me some Brady! I prefer Cain's but recently saw the Flaming lips at the Brady and it was glorious!