Monday, August 27, 2012


wearing no makeup.  
i love mondays.  i run, i thrift, i relax, i clean.  and there's no mascara, foundation, or eye shadow in sight.  it's no makeup monday, yo.
listening to 'daughter.'
i've been into this album for a while now, but just recently it's crossed over into obsession.  haunting lyrics and resonating beats keep this pretty much on repeat in my house.
reading 'a reliable wife.'
i bought this book on saturday and so far i'm really diggin it.  it has an intriguing plot line and his writing style is a bit halting and choppy, which is basically how i write and speak and think.  give it a try if you are book shopping.
training for something.
sounds vague right?  well it's because i'm undecided.  i'll def run a half marathon this fall but i'm jonesin' to get another full under my belt.  but no matter what i decide, i've scheduled myself a 10 miler today so i best get to it :)
happy monday!

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