Thursday, April 26, 2012

shop talk: names and visions

often i get asked how i came up with the name for my shop.  that story takes us all the way back to 1998, physiology class senior year of high school.  these were the days before smartphones, texting, and high speed internet.  chat rooms were all the rage and you paid by the hour to be online.  yeah.  back in the old days.  my physiology teacher was an idiot so we basically didn't learn a thing.  my friend erin and i sat in the back of class and typed out messages to each other on our TI-86 graphing calculators and passed them back and forth.  then one day she put a bunch of glow in the dark star stickers inside the cover of my calculator and called it amandromeda (a combo of amanda and andromeda) because it was my constellation. i liked it so much that i assigned my first ever email account with that name which is why it's 2012 and i still have a hotmail.  i'm too lazy to make the switch.  so when it came time to decide on a name for the store, matt suggested amandromeda.  i thought it was a great idea.
and i like the fact that it doesn't limit me.  if one day i want to sell comic books, i can still use that name.  used cars?  amandromeda.  tanning salon: tropic of amandromeda.  restaurant: bistro amandromeda.  see?  it's so versatile.  
i really don't have a strict vision for my business.  some may say that's a bad idea.  me, i like to live by the seat of my pants.  i want this to be a fluid venture without rigid expectations or hard limits.  i can tell when my shop needs a shake up.  usually when i get tired of being there i realize i need to move the store layout around or gather more inventory or add something new.  i take a much more organic approach to my business than most.  because i know the moment i start taking it too seriously, i'll be ready to close up shop.  and i'm not ready for that yet.

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