Monday, March 26, 2012

stripes and jewels

back in austin, we took a thrift trip to saver's on a dreary saturday afternoon.  and while the weather outside was frightful, the vintage inside was delightful.  i came away with a bag of goodies including this striped blouse.  but i can't take all the credit for this find.  i spied it in jessie's cart, gasped at it's awesomeness, and then she graciously handed it over.  it is so 80s-tastic with subtle gold flecks in the sheer fabric.  i have ideas for this blouse.  i think i might give it a few alterations to make it more versatile. but i kinda love it.
and my necklace is a clyde's rebirth original.  merl is such a flippin' genius.  it was tons of fun getting to try out so many of her gorgeous jewels over txsc weekend.  i wore a different necklace each day!  but this one stole my heart.  i've gotten loads of compliments  on it already and i love getting to tell people that it's a one of a kind creation.  makes me feel special.
jacket-h&m, ebay
blouse-vintage, thrift
skirt, shoes, bag-thrift
necklace-clyde's rebirth
ring-in pink

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