Thursday, March 4, 2010


just wanted to show you that i wasn't boasting in my blog title. this sweatshirt really has a cougar on it.
i got it for $1.50 out of the boys section. i have no idea if this is a school team or where it's from. maybe i should do some research on that.

i'm also showing off my new 'summer boots.' ok, so they aren't new, i actually bought them from mel who has idee geniale. i love their funky fringe and slouchiness, their ankle height and slight wedge heel. in short, i'm quite smitten. who knew a boot could bring such happiness? you'll be seeing a lot of these babies.

well, my plan is to run a half marathon in april. i think i'm finally ready to train again since getting injured last november. this morning i ran 8 miles and felt really good. so, i think i'm gonna take the plunge and sign up for it. i'm really excited. anyone else want to run with me? huh? any takers? i can't seem to get anyone to commit.

boots-steve madden? i don't remember and don't feel like going to check right now.


libys11 said...

oh how cute do you look!?! love that sweater and those boots!:D

idée_géniale said...

oh what!? you got them already?! Man that was fast! They look so darn cute on you!

Meggstatus said...

Vintage sweatshirts are the best. As much as people try to replicate the fabric, nothing really comes close.

Thank you so much for your encouragement, you are so sweet!

Starr- A Thought Is The Blossom said...

ah, the new boots are killer. love that sweatshirt too, they look really great together! i wish i could run with you, but there's no way i'd make it. i've kinda abandoned my running for sometime now, and i'm certain i'd pass out. if your ever in LR though, do let me know. i'd love to meet up and show you all the great thrift stores around here.

Kimberellie said...

Love those boots. This look is killer. Killer like a killer cougar. Um, yeah... Seriously though, you make me want to scour the boy's section next time I go thrifting!

mariska said...

i really love ur boots,,,
i'm dying for boots..


chicfaced said...

you're quite sporty-chic in this post with the sweatshirt and talking about who wants to run a half marathon with me. insane, but still chic. ;)