Monday, February 15, 2010

boot scootin'

i totally look like i'm about to attend some sort of barn dance, right? well, rest assured, i am not.

it was a bit of a blustery day out on the deck. i'm trying not to freeze and/or blow away.

ok, so i never expected to get such lovely comments on my post yesterday. i was stressed out all day and maybe a little cranky. i wanted desperately to have a good attitude and have fun making dinner for valentine's, but i was failing miserably. matt took those pictures for me and i still wasn't feeling it. your comments really meant a lot to me, helping me out of my funk. and just so you know, i ended up having a great time with my sweetheart eating roasted cornish hen and sun-dried tomato bruschetta with strawberries and dark chocolate truffles for dessert. oh, and let's not forget the champagne! (i'll be honest, the champagne worked wonders on my attitude)
and to answer some of your questions, i will post some wedding pictures some time. when i think to haul out my scanner i'll do it. my jacket was a christmas gift from my dad. yesterday was the first time i'd worn it because i don't know exactly how to style it. it's blue quilted velvet outside with a gold silk inside. he will be so glad that you all liked it!
now today's outfit is all vintage. the shirt i bought from mel at ideegeniale. i love plaid. apparently, i can't get enough of it. i seem to collect plaid shirts like it's my job. my skirt is from a site called color scavenger. they don't update a lot, but they have cool stuff. my boots are from ebay. i love ebay. it really is more fun to win.
ok, so long post today. see you later.


chicfaced said...

um, you have the coolest dad ever! what a great gift!

amanda said...

i will totally tell him you said that. it will make his day!!